Wood – Fence Installation & Repair Services

Bravo Fence Company puts forward a great selection of wood fence, from practical to ornate, with durability, strength and security on demand of businesses and homeowners. Our wood fences are the solid barrier which defines the area of the property or creates privacy. The styles in this type of fence vary from board to rustic fences that are ingeniously spaced to form a highly delicate wall. Your selection will probably be influenced by the architecture of your home, geography of your area and closeness to abutters.

Bravo Fence Company’s wood of choice is White Cedar, opted for its resistance to decay and high durability. We have a team of experts who have experience and excellent skills to fashion Cedar wood to exacting standards of balance and evenness. By controlling the entire procedure, from forest to finishing, we guarantee the reliability of our products. Not only this, we also offer unique in-line staining of the wood thoroughly and evenly as compared to any other method. The natural bond is created between the stain and cedar, the resultant of this bonding is a deep rich finish. We offer these wood fences being created from other types of wood like:

  • Red Cedar
  • Teak
  • Mahogany

If you are really looking forward for a reliable wood fence providing company, we would love to hear from you. Call us at (770) 966-9970.

A Word from the Owner

We conduct ourselves with the highest moral and ethical values, deal fairly and honestly with customers and employees.   We always provide our customers with reasonable fence prices and work to secure constant and permanent jobs for our employees.

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Jay Fahat,
Bravo Fence Company